1/31: Swift

The Legend of FuuRinKaZan

"The Legend of FuuRinKaZan" is a short story that I wrote and drew for Inktober 2017. Inktober is a world-wide art movement, where basically you challenge yourself to make a traditional ink drawing every single day for the month of October.

This year, I decided to follow the Inktober prompt list that Jake Parker, the founder of the Inktober movement, created. The list is basically 31 different words, and the words are meant to help you get inspiration for your drawing if you're stuck. I decided to write a short story about ninja and borrowed elements from Japanese folklore, Japanese TV shows, and American comics.

So the word "FuuRinKaZan" (風林火山) is actually a Japanese phrase made up of four characters — wind (fuu, 風), forest (rin, 林), fire (ka, 火), and mountain (zan, 山). It's apparently what was printed on the battle flag of a Sengoku era feudal lord, Takeda Shingen. It's actually an adaptation of phrases from Sun Tze's The Art of War, to be "as swift as wind, as gentle as the forest, as fierce as fire, as immovable as the mountain".

As Inktober is still underway, at the end of the month, I hope to eventually compile and make a book out of this story that I've written. It will be available on my store as soon as this is ready.